some furniture

A very good idea to hang a mirror, drill two wholes and hang it with a threat.
And this quickly made small table, appealed to me. Both seen in the dressing rooms of a rehearsal stage here in Vienna.

I am back on the road, seems like this years work will make me travel towards east frequently.
Everywhere, where getting back home for the weekend is possible is good and vienna is a treasure box, a cliché and beautifully strange.

Here is my (Dr. Freud) chaiselongue in the apartment i am living during this theatre production.
It's beautiful but home to some moths too.



what's in my mind from this years berlin film festival:

leyla fourie, by pia marais, first picture

a very controversial perception of our film "gold"

pardé, by jafer panahi

many films i didn't saw as my social skills were used up after four days, watching other peoples work and discussing how to make films right and in a human way with fellow film-makers and workers.

sharing a cigarette with friends in a crowded & small smoking tent, standing next to wong kar wei, always looking sophisticated & cool with his sixties sunglasses on, everybody very relaxed . w.k.w second picture.

pictures from here



A project I started with R long time ago. Before we met in person and before her daughter was born. The idea has been to make something together without having the possibility to meet. 

Now we have met twice and during the stay at her wonderful home earlier this month we assembled the pieces together and decided to make blankets for our daughters, here bathing in winter sunlight while observing the cat.

and I made some progress whilst being back.



for one and two half days

now back home


L e e d s

Laughter, Edie, England,(Upsy)Daisy, Singing (Christmas-songs in the car)



Premiering next saturday night, here


Made while listening to the good-night-stories still read to her.

1) Spaghetti

2) "I think we explored a new planet"

3) Dots

4) Chicken McNugget

5) "I feel a little squeezed"
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