le weekend and a monday

under the trees near the lake where the girls were fishing clams we ate the same evening, our new-old caravan will be standing for this summer.

a mongolian girl dancing for her best friend, a birthdaypresent at a party Lou attended too.

a tamed and sweet monster

the last dress so far, handdyed, handmade, handpainted.

turbulent weeks, i would like to have a little bit more quiet time, like so often.


( ((o)) )

we have been working hard with the color concept on the costumes, so many things to consider, many opinions to be brought together and everything had to fit into the script that plays with timelayers. it did'nt worked out as a whole story but there is still some swimmingpoolblue, curry, turquoise, tired tearosepink and red in different shades, now embedded in more neutrals.

i hope we found the right solution and it's not another compromise.

+ + +

we decided against the summerhouse, the neighborhood wasn't perfect, it felt like an bungalow in an allinclusive hotel but L. bought an seventies caravan yesterday. it still makes me laugh that he really did that, so we now own a small mobile summerhut, it just has to be customised he says!

+ + +

i just found this beautiful picture via here.
it captures exactly the look i wanted to create, i guess i am not over loosing so much color or maybe i should relax and add some more accents after the stormy discussions finally will have cooled down.



some pictures of last weeks work.
after uploading it i realized that the first picture contents the german colours, pink instead of red, yes, but i thought i was absolutely untouched by the soccer world cup fever, apparently i am not, at least subconsciously.

do you remember this gifted lady. she sent us some of her beautiful garments and one of her dresses will make it into our film which is a real enrichment.

today i realised that i am going to be in finland in exactly two weeks, we will start shooting there in oulu and i have never been there before.
it's another thing to look forward to.



she has been around 3 or 4 when she had put this rubber bands around her legs.

at the moment during the week we have just the mornings before school/work and one or two hours in the evening together, but we both know how close are.



maybe this is going to be our new little summerhouse.
we haven't even been searching for one but L was told about this one and we went there this weekend.
hopefully we will have a proper look inside next week. it's situated at the same lake where our old one was.

i would be very happy for them to spend already this summer there, but it makes me nervous that i wouldn't be able to join them as much as i would! and renovating and setting up the house without me?!
so maybe it's gonna be a summer of working on two films and renovating the small house at the weekends?

we will see.

have a good week



some costumes in progress, i am still in love with the idea of more color than usual.


my work

that's what i am doing again, every day. trying to get the outfits together.

today the first fitting with that wonderful girl, i always wanted to work with her. we had a good start.

tomorrow we are going to try out some bright colored dresses made for us. can't wait to see them worn.


from japan

little sister is touring in japan.
in her other life she is a talented illustrator and graphic designer.
i do enjoy her continuous mails with stories and pictures from far away.


two carpets and another film

wonderful old- new carpets, delicately recycled, discovered in one of my favourite shops here in berlin: am.
they are very generous, friendly and patient, i am always allowed to empty their shop for my fittings.

the one they had was dark turqoise, more green, it reminded me of the square artificial ponds in iranian backyards. it had real depth, like water. it would be my dream-and-flying carpet.


un prophete, yesterday evenings mind blowing homecinema. i know it's not that new but it moved straight to my best films ever list. no single mistake!
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