best of today's work

organizing and customizing a kangaroo-family disguise in a very short time



i just found this on my phone, yes, made by my super duper loveliest daughter! and she is 10 years old since a couple of days! 



some fun crafting for a short job my dear coworkers made while i was gathering a million garments.
they made more, pictures soon.

it's spring here and like every year i am totally surprised by the affect it has on everything!

it's wonderful!


new art

by my daughter.
i am so happy that she is still creating things, despite considering crafting with wool and fabric as very boring.

consuming is such a convenient opportunity and that's what they are exposed to, every day.

it's important to teach the kid's the joy of making.
i showed her how to make vegetarian sushirolls and pancakes, she was completely amazed how "professional" and yummie it turned out and that she could do it on her own.

next week we will make bread again.



LB's fabrics works are nothing new in the blogworld, but i saw the exhibition just yesterday.
bought a lot of wool before in a similar colour range for a pop up shop with weavings i am planning to make with a friend.
and i am very excited about this years feature film project that has been confirmed this week!
a gold rush story, set in the late 1890ies in canada, german art house cinema going western!
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