+ weekend at home in Berlin

+ a future home for some small animals, a new collaboration with Lou

+ mostly every night during the week here

sewing ?

dvn f/w 2011/12

i have been searching for some inspiration as i need something long and wonderful for a wedding next weekend.

I would like to have a long 40ies skirt and a blouse, both out of silk but as i have to go back to the countryside to take care about the costumes and dress a couple of people i guess i am going to end up sewing myself, probably by night.

there hasn't been much practice recently.

the last things i have been sewing were a pillow for Lou and some squares for an unfinished collaboration with dear R., still in progress so far.



the weather is crazy these weeks.

a lot of rain and thunderstorm inbetween humid heat and cold periods after masses of water poured down.

at least it produces this sumptuous green & i am happy being home tonight, i wouldn't have liked to experience that storm in my little hut at the lake.


red & blue

my favourite colour combination!

there are so many pictures i would like to show from the first shooting week but i better don't.

the images should be kept secret until the film will be released.



we had a very good start.

i do have a fabulous team and my early morning view has been quite a surprise! there is a lake, plums, apples, berries, all kind of herbs and even pumpkins.

maybe making costumes isn't too bad.


my adventure

taking pictures at a location tour with some of the actors in costumes, trying to find out if everything will come together.

the longer i work in that business the more complicated it seems to be, but i am optimistic this time.

there was enough time to get prepared and make, even remake after finding out that some things weren't right.
i don't care about perfection, as long as we are able to really care about the film during the whole process of making, it seems worth it and that's how it feels right now.

let's see.

we will start shooting next week.

her adventure

they built tree-houses and slept in the tipis until they were finished.
then they have been decorated and used as a shelter for the last night.
i am so happy that she spent nearly every minute of her vacation outside, in the middle of nature, my girl, growing up in the heart of the big city.


to work, my head is spinning like the beautiful print on that gdr kids blouse but my girl is back as well, safe and happy.

more soon
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