a decision

we decided to finally move forward, out of the building we have been living in for about ten years, yesterday we were told that the heavy construction work will take much longer.
a home is too precious to be avoided for another year!
so today i sent out many, many mails and meanwhile we are trying to adjust our dreamhome-wishes and possibilities.
the first time in my life everything was organised around our appartment, school, work, studio but like my sister said today we have been here too long anyway, time for a change!
before i moved to berlin and stayed just here i used to change apartments minimum once a year.

i feel somehow relieved and very curious where we might end for the next couple of years.

the first and last picture i stole from L's archive, couldn't resist. i don't know where he shot the balloon, can't ask him, he is at work, making pictures, the last one is directly under our appartment, looks like a cathedral.



of light.

yesterday afternoon and exactly one year ago at the lake.

i will never ever forget midsummer last year, me and Lou at the house there, so happy and calm, sometimes i really miss being there.

will there be summer this year?



of some pink peonies, this week


travel expenses 2007

i nearly finished my tax for the year above which as a freelancer in germany is like writing a thesis, i guess.
one of the many difficulties in doing it is that with every receit a memory unfolds.
i know now that i flew 44 times this year!
i hate flying and i hated being away from my family even more but the job i did demanded it.
most of the time i had to spend in munich in a depressing furnitured tiny appartment which i desperately tried to personalize.
before this i went to warsaw once.
then came salzburg, vienna, frankfurt, hamburg, nice, marseille, paris and always back to m. a city i never learned to like.
i don't write it down for bragging, it's just that i am still wondering how we managed to do this as a family, but it worked out somehow. i travelled home nearly every weekend and they visited whenever it was possible and brought live into a few of the numerous hotelrooms i had to stay.


her music

the girls performed to Lou's favorite band this morning, vampire weekend, M on the guitar Lou on the drums. it is not that she just likes them, she is really into their songs and tries to understand their lyrics.
she dressed herself with teddybearears i made for a schoolplay and the tiger t-shirt she so so so wanted.
she lives the whole range at the moment boy - girl, childish - responsible, stuffed animals-plastic toy merchandising, playing violine - listening to rock'n roll, making things out of found materials - and dreaming to be aloud to play computergames.
and beatles, favorite song: yellow submarine.
and singing all the crazy songs she get tought at the schoolchoir.
and big discussions if L or me try to hear our music, mine she considers to sad and L wants to talk her into something, convince her, in the end she always ends with VW, her music.

playing "blinde kuh" (blind cow) in the park today, the more relaxed part of a nice but somehow exhausting day.


in my studio

these days.

i feel like i have to use every second of my workfree time, doing what i love to do, but this friday i had to let pass without anything done there.
i sat there, tired, hangover and confused, it took me some time to accept that there are days without a purpose, that i just needed time without doing something, just being and thinking.

maybe colour-coordinating fabrics in a shelve is useless somehow, but it felt so good the other day, seeing all my fabrics that i collected over the years even in a not so beautiful shelve i got for free that fitted perfectly into that corner.


red cubes

a cold week, many things happened, i started to get things done, met some dear friends and a very old one after a long break, a horrible dentist-encounter too, was'nt in the mood to take pictures, so i show you this:

a red cubic house which i have in my mind since years but never visited, above.

some matching graphic art from this blog

and i am in love with artist agnes martin, how could i not know her?
find a beautiful collection of her paintings on the blog above



we have a surreal view this days outside of our kitchen windows.
we are dreaming about a big (legal) terrace or if they turn down our application another apartment with a garden, no hurry, we survived five months with this inferior noise and somehow got our humor and patience back, no matter why.

+ + +

and this is where we go again in july, an archipelago in the southern aegean sea. we will be living in our friends house and this summer traveling around the islands too.

+ + +

i enjoy my life without a day-job so much, the ordinary makes me happy this days.
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