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the back of a bulgarian apron

brushes doodle on photo of her younger self by Lou



the first grey and rainy day.

spreads from vogue paris 1978

and bela tarr



my favourite Berlin label is finally online, have a look here.

i wouldn't know what to wear in autumn and winter without her cardigans, I own about three in different colours and shapes and the shrunken ones go on to Lou...i know i should know how to treat wool but sometimes i am just careless.

the picture above is taken from the wolfen website.


posting again

some of Lou's scribbles i found this morning

& a new theater project started.
it's still very sunny, not as dark at it looks here.
hope i will get back into a more regular posting mode, let's see.



at work with my girl last week.

she enjoyed the last days of shooting like i did and everybody else who participated.

what an advantage to be able working in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

my wonderful team even taught a young actor some knitting basics.



drawn while listening to the good night story.
a habit L is still practising even if she is reading an incredible amount of books herself.
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