up and outside

yesterday nights pleasures with her new obsession, making hair do's!

tonight she is gonna sleep in a camp in this tipi, my mother heart is bleading, hope the rain will stop tonight as predicted.

her best friend is with her and they are adventurous girls!


b r b

fitting marathon with extras in brandenburg and sleeping in blue satin.


a present

from my new coworker, an incredibly beautiful belt! hand embroidered by her ex-colleague in the 70ies.

far too small for me, too special for our gdr film, but very much appreciated anyway!



days & students art from udk

i hope there will be more summer light and better news soon.


summer around B

Lou is in the countryside at an incredible heavenly place, now with the family of her friend who came with us to greece.

these girls are the best!

i miss her terribly but i know it's a wild girls paradise there, they even have horses.

back in B

we had a couple of days at home, just he three of us, making plans, going to the final exhibition of the art-schools and experimenting with new hair-do's.

I like being back home and now preparing the next movie.


beauties and biests

thats what we are and find here in modern and ancient greece.

all of us jumped off the cliff!

have a good summer too


i s l a n d

we are back on the greek island in our friends house.

early family summer holiday, a two weeks break for me in between costume preparations for the next big project.

it's beautiful like always but one can feel a little bit of the depression, collapsed roads don't get repaired, less guests, we can't enter the path to our favorite beach but that makes us discover new places.

my suitcase got lost and i am improvising since five days, lou is sharing clothes with her friend and i live in L's t-shirts and a cotton scarf.
i am trying to take it as a challenge, make more things out of nothing, but i do miss the crafting things i packed and some of the ritual summer objects/clothes.
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