Jodie F.

this is one of my favorite reference pictures!

i wish i would have one without the strange lines and the silly handbag, she's perfect anyway but i should do a research about that photo!

i have a very similar pair of shoes which i bought 20 years ago at a fleamarket, i wore them all the time, now they have big holes in both soles and every shoemaker refuses to repair them.



seen last week


hair & sun

my computer says it's 20° outside, i am in bed with a cold browsing the web and my digital archives searching references for the next film.

i got distracted by the first picture and hair, i could go on and on with uploading hair pictures but i stopped myself.

hair and light or bright hair!

first picture is a tear sheet, can't remember where from, 70ies for sure, the rest i took myself.


rediscovered today: nicholas haggard


her birthday

wild things and a still life



a green monster with a red nose was her wish.

we fell in love with him but he was made to be destroyed.

it has been a very wild party, not everything in the best sense, but we had a good start and a cosy end.

i learned that at that age you carefully have to choose the guests and maybe shorten the guestlist.

sleep well, like i will do now and the three little big girls in our house.


she's 8 years old now!

i still remember that day when she put that leaf into her nose like it was yesterday.


another cloud

since days, making and preparing for her birthday tomorrow, just the things i like to do, still avoiding the house chores that have to be done before we could open the doors for the guests.

i will start right now and i just realized that spring arrived here today!



i was looking for a small hanging shelve on ebay, this was what showed first, unfortunately it's far too petite.

we won a nice armchair for L yesterday.

i am not good with bidding but he is.


o o

something for her in progress.

something i found, now hanging in my room.

a blog i found yesterday and like, some familiar pictures there too.

i have a good day today, got so many things done i 've been postponing ever since.

today i even don't mind about the woodchipwallpaper at our walls.


ray of light

there has been sunlight in the appartment today.

she wanted me to show her how to draw portraits of boys but was'nt so delighted, "they look like girls too"!

we had a nice day anyway, have a good week all of you.



a selection of embroidered garments we own.

collected here over the years and worn occasionally.

the black dress i gave myself for my 40th birthday and wore it at the party.

Lou never dared to wear the white one, but she really should this summer, it will be too small soon.

+ + +

found at a fleamarket for 1 €, i wear it far too often, it is literally falling apart, i love that it has lead weights (curtainweights) sewn in at the hem.

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