a red dress should be very simple, worn in, it's color a little bit muted.

for nearly every film i made something red, now i would like to have a dress for myself.

i can't help it, i like how that color stands out!

+ richard learoyd

+ maureenpaley

+ a blouse i had made for a film


a portrait

made by Lou during another big familydinner.

and the reflection of a beautiful piece, discovered at a small exhibition, carefully curated by a family friend.

my parents left today, i guess we are back to normal now.



we had a wonderful, chaotic and wild party with the whole family and some friends in our house.

merry christmas to all of you


afternoon tea

last sunday, strictly ladies, i've been exaggerating a little bit with my preparations, started strange but ended very good. apparently sometimes it takes a little bit more to be a good host!
thank you dear D.!



this morning and minus 12° C. soft winterlight on my rooms wall and L's.
finally an opportunity to show the carpet i brought from romania and the shoes. we both really love to wear them when at home, even Lou who never ever wanted to wear anything on her feet inside.

i was planning to post about the beautiful romanian handmade garments/embroideries i saw during my short visit but i have been in such a rush the few hours i had on my own so my pictures turned out bad and they are hard to edit so meanwhile i'll post this link international wardrobe

have a wonderful fourth of advent.



my first gingerbread dough ever. our first self made gingerbreadhouse together.
the house collapsed once but now it is stable, Lou made the bed and the table that is hiding in the backyard.

like the little gingerbreadmen looking out of the window, we are all waiting for snow, this morning there have been some very shy little flakes.

some of the beautiful gingerbread i brought from romania


A & L

one of my best friends made this beautiful painting and named it "A & L".
it is dedicated to me and my daughter, i am very very moved.



a film studio in bucharest, some days before a big party was held and apparently nobody found the time to clear up the beautiful handmade dishes until today. they rested under a green blanket.

one can even find beauty in the making of a commercial film shooting here.

i am looking forward to see some of the real city tomorrow before i am going back home.

i nearly forgot how invigorating another culture could be, i have to confess i am completely enthusiastic and lunatic!


o o o

some i-phone pictures of last week.
i am going to bukarest tomorrow, unexpected short job trip.
always looking forward to visit places i have never been before.
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