s n o o w

where we are it looks like in this beautiful swiss childrens book.
 apparently the kid has some ski-racing abilities, it's her first time skiing and after two days she managed to get down a black ski piste. i prefer blue and red after 10 years without practising.
We are very happy to experience a real winter and we do have the best bunkbeds.


d o t s

a baby blanket for a sweet little girl.
i combined weaving and fabric applications, both my favourite crafting methods.
Lou helped me placing the dots.
we are on our way to switzerland, visiting my parents.
tomorrow we will climb up by car, train and post-bus into the snow.


stripes II

a poncho and scarves off the loom and Lou in bed again.
i would love to get colours like the ones of her sweater but i decided to weave with the big amount of last years leftovers.

it is dark and rainy here so the light and warm tones are very tempting.

but we are going to switzerland soon, there will be snow.

white, light and the sound cushioned.



she has been sick today, so we spent one of the rare weekdays together at home.
wrapped in the blanket i made last year and obsessed with her new passion, pop music.
mostly nothing we do agree with, the time when she was called the "indie"girl by her teacher are gone.

that would be interesting charts, songs a family with a preteenager or teenager could listen to without anybody getting annoyed.

our number one would be this song


making stripes

Experimenting with stripes. a great set of woven stripes here and some of my favourites here.
the verveine tea i use to drink while weaving made a face.



a new layout and my new working room. refurbished with a bed/shelve i inherited from my grandfather and much less clutter.


try and error

i wanted to change something here but got too tired for a final new layout, so i hope it will look better soon!

good night


Best of 2011

L was asked to write a personal chart list of 2011 for a film-zine amongst many others. 3 moments of 2011 that lasted.
I enjoyed reading them all as they were very personal and not just film-related.
in fact that's what i like reading on blogs, personal views on everyday matters or artistic and cultural events.

here are some of my memorable moments from 2011:

early in the year, learning to weave taught by T., the whole repetitive process and learning by doing later while practising on my own on the loom he made for me. his patience and my friends helping me weaving, attracted by the intricate process of the craft.

meeting dear R. in person. still being overwhelmed that she dared to book a flight and come straight to our house.

discovering that making costumes for a period film brought back my passion for my profession. the conceptual approach to making costumes after an extended research is what i love doing.


wishing you a wonderful new year !
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