paradise birds

in dubai are done

can't wait to fly back home tomorrow myself


^^^ ^ ^ ^ ---------- - - -- -

from here- minus 20° C - to here - plus 20 ° - in about 15 hours

the crazy job took over peacefully weaving again

but we are still making, just postponing to offer more 


weaving again

with my friend c, every day, pop up shop in december is still the aim!


details II

from the trip.

we tried to convince the owner of the trattoria to sell us one of the custom made water jars he put on every table, he refused, which made him and his small restaurant even more likable.


h a p p y

one week of cocooning, sleeping and being very happy back home

one week in roma with family and friends

now: feeling like being here again



propably invisible in the final film

but they delight us - the costume department -


& we went canoeing on the bowron lake today

very quiet and relaxing

tomorrow we are heading back towards vancouver with our big truck


still here




now traveling again since a week 

it's a long journey 

but we are reaching the end

& we have the most beautiful indian summer


off set

sewing in our ranch working studio this afternoon,
jackets for extras out of trading blankets.

& hand washed my new poncho I've finished before leaving home

on set I am knitting hats, winter will come soon here.
the choice of wool is limited by what the next thrift store is offering

it's warm this afternoon and I do enjoy the silence 



they are everywhere with us, cause the story is about a journey, i never had many encounters with them due to a serious allergy but i am getting used to them, start liking their stoic characters and don't have a lot of symptoms.
adapting to 19th century live.


in the forest

since days, the woods are magic here

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