today, summer has arrived over night

the light is magic

it's gonna be a good summer

i hope



i want to see this



cherry blossoms at our friends garden.

cooking a fond with tarragon for a very delicious sauce hollandaise, to be eaten with white asparagus that is offered at every street corner around Berlin at this time of the year.

two very delicate snails at Lou's tracksuit pants.

and i finally finished sewing the eighth and last upholstery cover for the caravan!
compared to this puzzle the curtains will be done easy and quick, i hope.



 renovating a new caravan, it took us some time to get over the last ones tragic end!
 a nice picture taken by Lou of some easter present she got from the babies mother (the little guy that made her want a baby sibling)
an entertaining exhibition in a very small gallery, a piece of art i would love to have!

and discovering the beauty of turn of century men's clothing linings.



the kid makes an e.w. pose


0 0 0 0 0 0

she wants a baby sibling and autographs from her teen music stars & makes the sweetest presents and enjoys baking with me.


and i am obsessed with the research for the new film project, related finds here

sorry no links for the first and second picture!


the girls

had a relaxed and happy party yesterday.
dancing, singing, making sushi and customizing t-shirts.
i love them, even their preteen allures, they are sweet, funny, full of joy and have a lot of empathy.
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