in the forest

since days, the woods are magic here



no problems to make things look worn in here.

the nature is rough, we do have an unplanned day off due to a huge bushfire nearby.
some of the team got stuck in there yesterday on their way back to the base.
nobody and no horses harmed, but we were very worried until they finally came back at midnight.


3 days

 3 days of shooting in dust,
it's desert-hot, demanding & very dynamic!

we are back to the ranch, preparing the next set of extras,
dancers passing by on their way to Dawson
all recruted from our team
the kitten siblings welcomed us back yesterday night



last hard working prep-days at the ranch, grateful actors and a tired costume team!

tomorrow we are leaving towards our first set

shooting will start the day after tomorrow!

good night




this is our base now, after 8 days of traveling north-east from vancouver, doing fittings out of two vans with the local cast

now nature, horses & cowboys all around 
no days off but the best team and work camp ever!


new world

i am still out of time and space

not knowing if I will ever adapt

never felt so european before

making a film about german emigrants more then 100 years ago and feeling like one myself, even if it's just for two months

it might help doing it right!
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