some of 13 invitations for her scary party.
i hope we will manage to make one of this weird friends for each kid, what a great inspiration!

a sign, pointing the direction to the simple machine exhibition at her school last friday.


"in the shadow"

the gangster film was premiering at the berlinale in february. i missed the whole film festival this year while staying in the middle east.

it's strange not to have seen it, just editing stills for my website and hearing contradictory comments, at least L liked it a lot.

every film i did evokes the need to do another one and make better costumes. i am not very patient with myself these days!

wish you a relaxed weekend everybody.

we are going to make invitations for Lou's birthday party in march. she wanted a "scary" party, so this is going to be a challenge to find an esthetic balance between me and my nearly eight year old sweetheart!


lazy day

not even picking up things until afternoon.

felt like the perfect therapy today.


behind the scenes

still adjusting to real life, trying to slow down after this intense working experience in a completely different culture. i am still dreaming about working on the costumes, i haven't had that in a while...

we had a party yesterday night, celebrating L's birthday, maybe a good way to avoid my totally predictable after-job-depression!

i am looking forward to come back to normal.


back from the desert

happy to be back, more about the adventure soon.



i am overwhelmed, exhausted and very happy with what we are doing here.

i send you some warm wind from the middle east.



last stitches before we closed the suitcases today. have it been eight or ten?
thank you so much caro and laura, without you we would have been really lost!

tomorrow we are going to leave towards doha and then into the desert.

somebody said this job is an perfect example for globalization, she was right. it's a strange world. travelling so far just to dress a couple of dancers and actors.

i wish i could take my girl with me, my curious little everyday visitor in the studio.
i will miss my family but will embrace the adventure.

i should be back in one week.

i've heard there are wild camels living nearby our location.

her paradise bird costume for next week's carneval is finished too. she wanted to be a raven, but changed her mind during the making, it has been a good collaboration so far!


antilopes & ruffles

silver antilopes made by the artdepartment the last days, them sewing and making at my studio too.

we have been fighting with uncountable meters of unteamable ruffles so far. supported by the loveliest coworkers every day.

good night.


today's work

first rehearsals and fittings.

incredible dancers!

thats how my whole costume experience started by accident. being hired to make something for a modern dance company as a fashion student around twenty years ago.
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