sweet memories

back to school tomorrow,
what an incredibly beautiful summer we had.

good night, sleep well and sound like a rock.



from macedonia, made in the middle of the last century, via nothing is new


magic light

in the most welcoming and beautiful house i know.
early morning and evening.

housesitting and spending another wonderful weekend in our friends home near potsdam.
keeping it with the inhabitants spirit we shared it again with some wonderful guests.

oh summer, please stay a little bit longer this year.


how to

dress a gangster these days?

this thought was with me the last two weeks, not finding an adequate solution made me nervous, kept me awake and followed me everywhere.

it's been a while that making costumes felt that difficult. i totally underestimated the job to create a good and unique look for ten men, all of them criminals, each of them living another facette of the whole aspect.

i want to transform a jean pierre melville mood into our world, making a small, fine, dark genre film, taking place 2009.

we came near a solution yesterday, i hope that feeling will last until we start shooting in september.

and how am i going to dress the only women in the film?

all pictures from "le samurai" de jean pierre melville, 1967


in the closet tonight

thats where she played and we've been chitchatting while making laundry and thats there where the single socks live.



1) in my studio today

2) michael riedel

the other night

a very beautiful concert.

and in the morning the very same day i saw an asian men around sixty in a turkish flowershop, dressed in a kimonolike lightgrey suit and a very new straw safari-hat, choosing flowers very carefully in front of a wall covered completely in lush green plants.



from our trip.

i planned to post a kind of structured or edited holiday report.
but somehow it is not what i like to do.
i have been thinking about a little change here.
more conceptual, following ideas of esthetics i prefer.
i like non-narrative, i like dark pictures, i like unfinished things, i like coincidental beauty, i like the unexpected.
let's see if i can follow my own rules and bring something new into this small place.


in the tavern

drawings by Lou and her friend, she has a name like a beautiful colour and her parents own the wonderful house where we stayed most of the time in greece.
she is a talented artist like both of her parents but Lou and her fight a lot, despite their arguments they consider each other friends.

i miss my girl, she is with my parents in the south of germany, my father picked her up when we flew back home via bavaria, but as she told me " you don't have to worry mom, i am with people whom you know very well! "
i wish i could accompany my sister tomorrow who is travelling south with her son as well, but some work has to be done and being just the two of us for a short time is quite tempting too.



we are back and i am in a very good mood, i guess i never have been as relaxed as i am right now.

it was the best decision ever that i dared to not work for a couple of months and then had the opportunity to travel for some weeks.

yesterday we took our last bath at our favorite spot on the volcanic island, isn't it perfect, the improvised, rough and simple raft they made into a landing and bathing stage?

thats what i really like about greece, the sparse and history breathing landscapes and the simplicity of it's architecture and esthetics in general, that surrounding helped a lot to clear my mind.

i will show you more edited series of pictures of our agaean journey soon, tomorrow i will jump back into work and dare to be confident that i will keep my recently recovered balance for some time.

+ + +

one of the best things we did the last days was jumping off a cliff together hand in hand Lou and me, three meters down into the deep and very blue see, every time we reached the surface she told me she could'nt believe she has been so courageous, happiness.


last days in paradise

perfectioning the art of doing nothing, back in santorini after ios, naxos, boats, ferries, motorbikes, busses, hotels, restaurants, a lot of nice company and discovering new places.

enjoying the sleepiness that comes with staying at the same place, the heat, the wind and knowing how lucky we are.

...now Lou wants to draw with me, there is so much more to show and tell, i will, next week, when back in B. and hopefully with a quicker mind...
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