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this time the traveling for fittings with absurd amounts of luggage was worth it.
passing a thunderstorm on our way to hamburg where i visited this wonderful hatshop to buy some excellent hats for a real gentlemen and ordered one that will be custom made for him.
i had the most wonderful evening with my dear friend C in a very ugly and overdesigned huge hotel suite, they rented for the fitting and I was aloud to keep for the night, drinking, discussing and feeling at home with her in that completely alien surrounding.

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and yesterday vienna, a not even twelve hours stay, but i managed to go to this gallery after the fittings, where they showed some of ruth laskeys wonderful twill series.
I felt so so lucky, a wonderful coincidence again, two weeks after i discovered her work being catapulted to a city where she had her second exhibition in europe. it is hard to explain but i was struck by the incredible beauty and purity of her handwoven pieces, she neutralizes the terms of craft and art.
the young man who curated the show, a friend of hers from san francisco who lives in vienna now, took some time to show me around and explained how she developed her way of work, from painting to making her own canvases to weaving the hole picture and dying the colors. they both made my day, her art and his kindness.
the last hour before heading back home i spent in the kunsthistorisches museum that is opened until late on thursday. museums always make me feel calm and happy, so reasonable.


Anonymous said...

i know it often is hell for you, that work, but i envy you for having (being able) to travel and see and discover places... ruth laskey is a true find, what a pleasure to see her work in a gallery. i love it. hope you are back with the Ls now... dicken kuss, d

Schanett said...

so schön! dein blog!
ich freue mich immer wieder, wenn ich neue seiten entdecke. wahre fundgruben!

anette said...

yes this time it was really good and i will miss the surprising encounters with people or places if i will ever manage to quit this job...hug A

Danke Schanett, war gerade bei Dir, auch schön da!

hannna said...

oh, i didn't manage to leave a comment here...
well it just sounded wonderful and lucky, hats and the exhibition and the coincidence.
you will have surprising encounters even if you quit, i'm sure. some people have them, some don't, no matter what they do. i believe so. yes.

hannna said...

i have to add, Y insists, that it was such a
that you spoke of Tropical malady, because
that was the Thai film we saw.
he just ordered another one by that same director.
i liked the Hou film more, reminded me of Wong Kar-Wai atmospheres

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