these days

no time for posting recently, there has been just work, but ok, i wish i just would have a little bit more time for my girl and man.

i had a wonderful birthday, i did'nt expect anything because there was/is nearly any private life at the moment, instead the day was full of sweet surprises, beautiful presents and an improvised little party.
usually i am little bit embarrassed by all the rituals and attention, but this year, i enjoyed all of it!
thank you all!

maybe i got some routine after all this years...and somehow i still like getting older, learn more, hopefully change things and become a real lady.


hannna said...

Happy birthday, lady!
I love your table photos.

I'm super moved by your offer. V is 110cm, a tall girl.

Good luck with work and all

at swim-two-birds said...

im wishing you good luck with both your birthday and work xxx
I only want to make this little remark: don't expect becoming a lady by age, i'm getting 50 next year, but i still have to hear quite often when i will behave like an adult :-) (i don't want to discourage you of course)
enjoy your family&birthdaycake

Anonymous said...

happy birthday nachträglich! alles alles gute, nur das beste für das kommende jahr. schön, dass du gefeiert wirst. so muss es sein!
hoch sollst du leben!

anette said...

thank you and R. i will become a lady! sometimes i already am!
i know it does'nt come with the age, i nearly gave up, but for me as a costume designer i have to play with a certain disguise at least...
it helps a lot to just pretend to be one and surprise people with the opposite!

ola said...

oh, dann herzlichste wünsche von mir auch. sehr selten schaue ich mir jetz die blogkunststücke an, dabei sind sie so persönlich und schön.

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