this morning and minus 12° C. soft winterlight on my rooms wall and L's.
finally an opportunity to show the carpet i brought from romania and the shoes. we both really love to wear them when at home, even Lou who never ever wanted to wear anything on her feet inside.

i was planning to post about the beautiful romanian handmade garments/embroideries i saw during my short visit but i have been in such a rush the few hours i had on my own so my pictures turned out bad and they are hard to edit so meanwhile i'll post this link international wardrobe

have a wonderful fourth of advent.


Fine Little Day said...

You make me want to go to Romania. Just the kind of aesthetics that goes straight to my heart. Great finds and good link.

mieke willems said...

the light is so nice with this weather!
and waw, great carpet and shoes. lovely! must be an inspiring country!

anette said...

Yes this aesthetics are instant joy for me too! i really want to go back to discover the "real" country and it`s wide range of craftmanship.

lk said...

so beautiful, both carpet and shoes! i love to wear slippers in winter and these are unresistable, even in summer!

lk said...

unglaublich schön, die rumänenkleider. da fiel mir der blaue "russenkittel" ein, ein lieblingskleidungsstück meiner jugend. gibts den eigentlich noch?

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