burning down

the caravan.
our caravan, perfectly renovated by L., waiting for spring to be our small weekend refugium at the countryside.
what a story!
last summer we couldn't bring it to the paradise place we found via friends cause the weekend before the campingsite was closed down due to an accident.
now it was parked at a quiet street, waiting for spring to finally find it's destination, the whole family exited about the first trips and adventures with it.
but somebody put it on fire with a burning mattress during halloween night, at least that's what we learned yesterday by the police.

maybe somebody just doesn't want us to go camping at all!

r.i.p, dear caravan, you will be always part of our family history, even if we didn't had the chance to be sheltered by you!


ola said...

this looks so horrible. I told so many people about that wonderful inside of that caravan. the red floor. do not give up with camping.

Edieliv said...

oh no! poor ill fated dream caravan.
is there insurance to cushion the blow and fund a new escapage?

anette said...

Dear O & R, we really have to rethink the camping idea.
it feels like a message without anyone of us being superstitious, a thunderstorm, a tragic death, fire...
and no insurance!

a surreal chain of impossibilities but at least we are all well. after the first shock we are taking it just as another challenge of our somehow constantly turbulent everyday-life.

nadine paduart said...

good lord. it is devestating. good thing you try to be positive about it, besides sad.

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