more knitted underwear and a donkey for kids, dating from 1877.

they are my favourite animals, maybe because i always have to carry so much around too.

i found the pictures while looking for an illustration for a childrens cape, i wanted to explain Lou how it looks.
i really want to have one too, a mother and daughter cape.

i really miss the times when she used to dress up in her very special way, it must have been my influence, she just adapted, it's all about jeans & sweater now.

probably i am just thinking about our wardrobe because we are going to Paris for the weekend...

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at swim-two-birds said...

wow, how cool this site!
donkeys are great, love their grey coat.
have a nice trip!!

ps, i was wearing my flipfloppers because i had just taken a shower, but it is a lot warmer now, snow is melting.

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