a green monster with a red nose was her wish.

we fell in love with him but he was made to be destroyed.

it has been a very wild party, not everything in the best sense, but we had a good start and a cosy end.

i learned that at that age you carefully have to choose the guests and maybe shorten the guestlist.

sleep well, like i will do now and the three little big girls in our house.


mieke willems said...

the 4th photo! love it!!
the monster looks fantastic, pity it had to die...!

anette said...

thank you and it was'nt very pedagogic to make a "cute" pinhata even if i did'nt made it on purpose. when they had to beat it, that's when the trouble started!
anyway, in retrospective they loved the party and it was meant to be a little bit "scary".

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