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the knitted jumper was another last minute costume. Lou just tried it on before i left the house to finish it on set and wanted to be photographed on the stripy carpet.


we bought the caravan because we wanted to join some friends at a very special non-commercial camping place, beautifully situated near a forest at a lake with an old ballroom, the owners house and their spartanic but welcoming kitchen. they just accept few people to stay for a longer period and we already made the deal.
last weekend, during a heavy thunderstorm a man was killed there in his tent by a tree that fell on him, a horrible accident that made the owners rethink their situation. they decided to give up the camping business.
now we have to accept their decision, the first weekend we wanted to go there with our small mobile summerhouse.
we went there today, all of us, just to visit, they have been very grateful but not willing to change their mind.

it's so beautiful and quiet there. hard to understand that nature is cruel too.


ola said...

hallo. gerade bei Dir reingeschaut und wollte schon den wundervollen wohnwagen loben und das potential von roter farbe. nun leider. der bleibt aber natürlich. es gibt genug schöne campingplätze rund um berlin. ein stück unabhängigkeit mit so einer mobilen einheit. viele grüsse

anette said...

ola, schön von dir zu hören und danke, ja der rote wohnwagen...wo sind die anderen schönen campingplätze?

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