towards Hamburg today, setting up the show for friday.
the olive one is going to travel with me now, the blond one will follow for the opening.

this morning i was crossing the street, telling myself if i will get onto the other side while the trafficlights are still green it's gonna be a good opening night. not that they only turned red immediately, i even managed to loose control over the big box filled with kids fleamarket leftovers i was carrying to get my car empty! a million tiny toy pieces spread over the road!

so much about this games.


ola said...

auf einmal so viel von Dir hier. was soll da eigentlich scheitern? auf die berliner ampeln w├╝rde ich mich sowieso nicht verlassen. das zelt Deiner tante ist grossartig. gruss, ola

Edieliv said...

ah the lights and toys know nothing!
it is going to be a GOOD opening night - i just did a 'game' involving getting to my phone in time to answer it and guess what? ----- the results were in your favour...
so you have nothing to worry about.
; )
good luck - you ARE brilliant xx

anette said...

you were both right! pah- traffic lights!

thank you


Unknown said...

your work is SO lovely! I found you via At Swim-Two-Birds... so glad I did. I hope your opening night was spectacular.

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