bits & pieces

collected to be taken with us to England, making a visit I've been wanting to make since very long.


triggered by Hanna's post, I thought it's time to post again myself.

Isn't it strange that blogging already is considered slow?

I like it unhasty here, my life is hectic enough, the story, the choice, the personal view of every blogger I follow (in terms of reading regularly) is what I am interested in.

You are always very welcome!


Edieliv said...

my comment is -
are they for me???
us i mean.
: )

anette said...

sure, sure,sure, I just added more...

hannna said...

oh what wonderful bits and pieces. I know that skirt! I don't like it when they grow out of the most wonderful clothes.

I'm making a comment back -tour and it's quite a lot of work with all this proving you're not a robot...

I will write you a slow email soon!!

Have a nice trip, have fun you 2 and you 6!

anette said...

hanna, sure, a lot to be answered, no worries!

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