some furniture

A very good idea to hang a mirror, drill two wholes and hang it with a threat.
And this quickly made small table, appealed to me. Both seen in the dressing rooms of a rehearsal stage here in Vienna.

I am back on the road, seems like this years work will make me travel towards east frequently.
Everywhere, where getting back home for the weekend is possible is good and vienna is a treasure box, a cliché and beautifully strange.

Here is my (Dr. Freud) chaiselongue in the apartment i am living during this theatre production.
It's beautiful but home to some moths too.


mieke willems said...

lucly you in vienna! such a wonderfull city!

and oh boy, i love your blog so much!

anette said...

i already had a very good day but your comment made it even more joyful!
Yes, this city is wonderful but with a twist and thats what makes it more interesting, everybody has a small dark secret, not very well hidden!

gina said...

In the apparent world of ever diminishing
blogs, you should know how much I appreciate
the beautiful and interesting continuity of

anette said...

thank you very much gina, see, i am still posting!
maybe blogging is exactly the right way for me, the growing attitude of old-fashionness makes it more appealing to me. more appropriate!
it's very nice to know you appreciate it and I am enjoying it to do it for my few and very sympathetic readers!

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