will be the theatre premiere here in vienna,
everything is ready, I hope!
In the end we found time to make the costumes despite the turmoils and everything got a lot more peaceful.

I can't wait to welcome my family tomorrow sharing my life here with them,
then finally going back home
being able to stay there for a couple of months,

I hate and love my gypsy work-life, I am missing my daughter terribly and worry, even if I know she's in best hands.
They are already making jokes about my worrying, my L's.

But I can't stop it, I am a mother and I love being one!


C SATHAL said...

Super ! Have a good premiere and "merde" like we say in France. Great photos like you know do it.

anette said...

thank you celine, it went all right, i didn't love it but it was easy and good to work at this huge theatre, I shouldn't complain!
i am longing to see the mediteranian sea and sun after this extremely long winter.
say hello to the coast and the south



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