Bad Saarow

The Trampoline

The Flowershop they made

The Lake

The Kitchen

The Cleaning of the Window with the View

A wonderful weekend in our imperfect house at the lake with the perfect garden, good old friends and very happy children.


Anonymous said...

euer wochenend-paradies sieht einfach himmlisch aus... was für eine oase. ku, d

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Was ein wunderland. So schön die Fotos zu sehen, es ist fast wie dabei sein.
Es ist wirklich komisch mit einem halben jahr zeitverschiebung zu leben. Hier wird es langsam winter, viel sturm, nicht zu kalt, aber alle kränkeln.
Enjoy your summer!

hannna said...

looks wonderful and happy! so is this your summer place? it's so much warmer there already, here it got cold

anette said...

hanna, yes, thats our weekend/summerplace, 70 km away from berlin, we are renting it with friends since november 07. We hesitated, since the house is not very beautiful inside and it is not worth renovating because we will have it just for 2-3 years until the owner will rebuild it. But this weekend convinced us finally, it is so good to have a place in the countryside even if it is not as beautiful as your house...

hannna said...

and we are 70 km away from helsinki. our house is actually not so beautiful, it is small and modest, that's why we could quite suddenly afford it. (=get a bank loan that is not so huge) of course in the process it has become very special and dear for us. i haven't even posted any pictures from outside... outside renovation starts in june! new facade.

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