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On my way back to work to Wittenberge, while waiting for the train at Potsdamer Platz, this group of people started dancing in front of a camera, leaded by an choreographer who was telling them what to do. That was the last thing I expected to happen at a rail where just local trains stop. It really cheered me up and I still enjoy this funny moment in my depressing hotel room.

Wednesday we visited our dear friends C and B in Glienicke, near Potsdam, they do have the most beautiful house I know.
We used to go there a lot. Since we have the house in Bad Sarow our visits had become rare, what a pity. Like always we spent a perfect day with them, relaxed and warmly welcomed.
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A glimpse of their wonderful home with B's art on the walls and below.
My little L. in her favorite dirndl with the treehouse the neighbors made once in their garden.
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When I was a little girl I always wanted to have a real dirndl, the ones where every part of the dress is made out of a different fabric/colour/pattern. My mother made one for me after I insisted for along time, the hole dress was light green, nearly invisible small white flowers printed on it. Just the apron was white. I was totally disappointed, now I understand her, finally I inherited her will to turn everything into a bauhaus suitable piece. I wish she would have kept that dress and all the other beautiful things she made for us.


Anonymous said...

die tänzer sind absurd und waren bestimmt eine willkommene ablenkung/aufmunterung. und an das dirndl kann ich mich natürlich sehr gut erinnern, da ich ja gezwungen wurde eine kleinere kopie davon anzuziehen, obwohl ich immer viel lieber in meinen jeans geblieben wäre... trotzdem würde ich die kleider heute gerne nochmal sehen - z.b. an little lou! kuss, d

ola said...

aha, das ist also dein blog... sehr schön...irgendwie ganz anders als die meisten aus dem norden...auch ich freue mich auf die inspirationen von deiner seite... gerade gestern habe ich überlegt, wie das wäre, in berlin zu leben...unsere kleine familie bekommt gerade lust umzuziehen...und dann deine notitzen zu berlin...

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