in my bubble

Yellow light of an billboard in front of my studio where I spent time in my bubble, experimenting, failing, enjoying to have time in between everyday duties to think about things like that:

I did something similar for the theater this spring, a cape/shawl with holes for the arms, I use the rehearsal version as a room devider hanging on a rail, found here.


ola said...

and again it looks like a mask! there are a lot of masks in your pictures. i ímagine a world where it would be normal to wear one, a mask. for each day another one, different identities, moods, multiplying what is behind them. a horror but then it might be a comedia as well.
and the link is very helpful. the joydress solved one of my decisionproblems about how to start the next one sewingtrial. grenn light? what a coincidence

anette said...

ha, I saw a face, a capelike top, a sculpture, yes, sure it is a mask too and it is about hiding and showing, like we do in the blogs.
everybody wearing masks that is indeed scary, but interesting, a new item in everydayfashion, an accecoire, not just to hide but show, like sunglasses, to express and underline moods... historically it was venice, roccoco, tribal wear...good idea for a research. thanks

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