little treasures

The whole weekend we sorted out L.s room, piece by piece, very relaxed, she grew out of so many things and we found much space for the things that remained and rediscovered and fixed some forgotten little treasures like the fish mobile we inherited from my step grandmother, the raft we made together at a rainy summer day and a piece of fabric embroidered with starshaped sequins I made when I was a teenager. I always tell her that sorting out with the right manner could be fun too because usually you will find long lost cherished things and we always do.
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I nearly forgot how amazing this photographer is too until I saw some pictures of him again in a fashion magazine recently, the only ones I liked in there and the first ones he did after 5 years not working with the industry. Have a look and read that interesting interview even if it is 2 years old...


Anonymous said...

love your fotos! specially those of the girls. everytime i see a great foto my heart jumps with joy and stings with jealousy at the same time. never got over the fact that i didn't become a photographer.
speaking of mark borthwick, it is funny, because the same day i was showing family fotos to a friend and there were these fotos he took years ago from us for an ad for the hypo vereinsbank. it was so great to meet him and beeing photographed by him and seeing him work. very very relaxed. i didn't know him by then and only started to love his work than. the rerun of this campaign actually paid our tickets to south africa. it came out of the blue like i miracle. thanks for the link with the interview.

Anonymous said...

beautiful little treasures, some i remember. when looking at the photos of mark borthwick, it hit me: they have so much of our childhood in them, the early, good, and relaxed parts, the trip to the south of france, camping with this huge citroen, heiligenhafen, häkeln in der kuhle, lots of parents and children around, life in the kitchen on the steps to the garden... don't you think? lovely. and i don't think i am only being nostalgic. thanks for the link(s). kuss, d

anette said...

Lki, oh thank you so much and i did not knew that the photos were taken by mark borthwick, now I AM jealous! And yes phoptograpy and art, I am still wondering why it never came to my mind earlier to think about this as aprofession before I turned too old to study again and always sticked with olle fashion/costume.
D. yes, you are right, I never thought about the likeliness, I was just attracted by the total lack of effort to make a picture, the reflecting light, the beauty. But perhaps I liked them so much because there was something familiar. Ku A.

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