home and where K L grew up

yesterdays pictures from home.

& some details from todays location, a house in hamburg where Karl Lagerfeld grew up. he made a book about it and then sold it to a record label tycoon.


hannna said...

Hei! So much uncommented. The dark photos are nice. The tent reminds me of a tennis hall in one of my old neighborhoods. Your home photos always look nice. KL had nice stripes. Your work is, always, so interesting, but hope you get free time soon.

anette said...

hanna, never mind about no comments, i am a very lousy commentator myself and treat mine not as well as i should and my posting got irregular and perhaps more unapproachable.
but i always appreciate them anyway!
maybe it's because my work gets commented everyday, due to the fact everybody thinks they can judge clothes/costumes i feel kind of a freedom here!
and i do enjoy my three day break at home every second!

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