friday evening after a long working week, a short visit to the forest where the wolf we made took over the first time.
it's all about crime and grimms fairytails this time.

then finally back home, enjoying domestic pleasures.


mieke willems said...

is it a real wolf in the box??

anette said...

i have to confess yes and it's two of them. we had to make real fur wolf-costumes, we got a certificate for them, fortunately there are strict rules!
and yes i felt bad and started talking to them, apologizing and so on...
i really do have a strange job, especially this one!

mieke willems said...

oh yes, that must feel strange...
but i'm sure you will make a great thing out of it again!

Anonymous said...

love the dark chilly atmosphere in these photos. gigi

at swim-two-birds said...

strange but exciting!!!
the pics are looking pretty spooky, but i love them. I think you have a wonderful job.
Thank you for calling me a little girl, i like that, but beeing that infantile as i am is not always a blessing :-)

anette said...

yes strange but more exhausting then exiting!
I should'nt complain about making some money with a strange job from time to time, i was lucky with the other ones i did this year!

And R. being infantile can't be too wrong, i have an 50 year old boy at home too and even if i complain to him about being so childish and playful it's really good, helps to not take everything too serious, i wish i would be more unserious sometimes!
(deep inside i am such a german protestant!)

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