we had time to sort out this beautiful old memory-game i discovered recently, not all pairs still complete.

and thats how Lou's room looked like after shifts of different weekend visitors stopped over since friday.

i am now off for my last working week in hamburg, already very impatient to be back home and free!


hannna said...

beautiful chaos and what a beautiful light room!

Sara Downton said...

that must have been a fun mess to clean up, heh!

at swim-two-birds said...

that is just the way a girls room has to look, mine is worser sometimes.

lk said...

das ist das memory meiner kindheit! ich erinnere die bilder noch so gut!
wie geht es dir? ich hoffe du darfst bald nachhause. ganz liebe grĂ¼sse, lk

anette said...

wonderful chaos yes and finally they learned how to tidy up afterwards if i am strong enough to not accept all the fantastic excuses they are coming up with.
this time i was!

elke, ja eine kleine zeitreise, bin endlich wieder da, erhole mich langsam. hoffentlich bald mehr, geht es euch gut?

Luzie said...

that is a beautiful memeory game.. i wouldnt use it for memory though, its a nice decoration!

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