Ida II

this lady is about my age and loves to wear exquisite garments cause the only thing i did as a child was making clothes for her and changing her outfit constantly.
she was made by my mother and today Lou made a "Rodarte" piece for her, she refused to even try on the crocheted one i found for her, maybe she finally get's a little bit spoiled!


at swim-two-birds said...

maybe she's spoiled but she looks lovely:)

lk said...

this top is amazing! beautiful!
was ist rodarte?

anette said...

R. yes she does, my mother always makes very beautiful things.

lki, they are a very talented sister team of fashiondesigners, they have a very individualistic and artificial approach. hottest shit in fashion nowadays, cmon, you should visit good old europe from time to time !
küsse an alle, sag Sven Lou liebt das Schattenbuch jetzt heiß und innig was er ihr damals geschenkt hat und luzie ich musste lachen bei der vorstellung daß du ihr einen poncho strickst...ich sollte eine mail schreiben....muss aber ins bett!
bis ganz bald

mary jane said...

she is wonderful, and what a lucky wardrobe

Fine Little Day said...

She looks very characteristic.

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