some of 13 invitations for her scary party.
i hope we will manage to make one of this weird friends for each kid, what a great inspiration!

a sign, pointing the direction to the simple machine exhibition at her school last friday.


Fine Little Day said...

Scary but very aesthetic. It's going to be swell!

hannna said...

Oh unique invitations! nice

The sign is like Mark Gonzales english, do you know?

lk said...

soo toll! would make a great childrens book illustration. you two are such geniuses!

mieke willems said...

this is so so very nice! will be a great party!

anette said...

they are sent out and she can't wait to start with other preparations, so do i.
what a luxury to have time for her birthday!
last year we had to postpone the party until june.

thank you all for your nice words!

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