"in the shadow"

the gangster film was premiering at the berlinale in february. i missed the whole film festival this year while staying in the middle east.

it's strange not to have seen it, just editing stills for my website and hearing contradictory comments, at least L liked it a lot.

every film i did evokes the need to do another one and make better costumes. i am not very patient with myself these days!

wish you a relaxed weekend everybody.

we are going to make invitations for Lou's birthday party in march. she wanted a "scary" party, so this is going to be a challenge to find an esthetic balance between me and my nearly eight year old sweetheart!

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hannna said...

a relaxed weekend, yes i hope so too. the previous photos are very nice. and films are exciting. we talk about the birthday party too, we have more time though.

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