taking care

she was worried that when she will be old enough to care about her "styling" she wouldn't find things she will really like then and asked me if i would give her my long silver necklace.
i told her i will give it to her if she will be old enough to take care of it and that it will be a big pleasure to helping her find and make what she then would like to wear.


we have been sick. first her, then me, a long weekend that was supposed to be our small vacation, a substitute for the summer we will not be able to spend together ended at home, in bed.
it has been just the two of us L. was away for work. she really tried to take care of me, my little big girl. in the end her childish egoism won, in the evening she told me that caring about somebody like a mother was just too exhausting for her. she is absolutely right! this is my part and i love to take care about her.


where is spring/summer? could anybody take care of that please?


marie said...

ah hope you're both feeling better,
and you get some sunshine :)

hannna said...

oh how sweet, every word.
the summer is here, for now.
but they are saying it will be gone again on the weekend when we need it to keep the birthday party kids outside.

V has been wearing the pb polkadot shirt, it suits her so nice! and she has a matching scarf. thank you again.

anette said...

thank you both, it was somehow hard for me this time to find back to a more personal tone here, so i just wanted to say it made me happy to hear from you!

now i still need to get finally better and get some sun! Lou is doing very well, she found her energy back!

Edieliv said...

sending love for feeling better. i liked this post too. x

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