two films & a resolution

"la lisière", a film that looks and sounds interesting. hopefully coming soon.


"the father of my children", a film we saw this week, it's about a filmproducer's life, the impossibilities of living a dedicated work and family life and the possibility of failure.

it starts with a wonderful theme music by jonathan richman. i had forgotten that song.

we liked the film, our friend left the cinema during the screening, she could'nt stand it and i have to admit that i respect her for being so decisive, she leaves if she feels she would waste time.

thats what i would have wanted to do today. to quit instead of trying to fulfill senseless timeconsuming pre-requests for a client.
facing a summer and autumn of work this is my resolution: just waste time for fun.


Anonymous said...

it's richman, not richmond. jonathan richman.
ahoi, mb

anette said...

you are right, richmond is a fashion designer, i know, i know, maybe i shouldn't write posts after a certain hour...mr. mb!
gonna change it now!

Yehia said...

Hei!, our band used to cover that particular song!

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