more saturday

a dress for two euros with a necklace she wanted to make. the ayrun, the childlike empress is wearing in this neverending story.

an exhibition we enjoyed but did'nt liked too much in it's not so curated details. what i liked was the idea of deconstructing a temporary exhibition place at the end of it's existence.

her knot i was aloud to make while cueing. why is it that everybody is obsessed with "topknots" these days. despite having studied fashion, sometimes i still don't understand how it really works that everybody is following a certain style, either it's the hair or the dress code, maybe i do it myself and am unaware of it...

on our way back home we found a dozen four leaved clovers, in the middle of the city.
i guess it made me win at bowling today, something we usually never do but enjoyed too.

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