women without men

a film i possibly could have worked for.
i then had an interview with shirin neshat, a beautiful and very determined artist.
we both haven't been sure about working together, me because i didn't wanted to abandon my then 5 year old girl for a long period and her i don't know. it was yes and no from both sides.
i often did regret my decision because it was such a chance for me as a costume designer but i still think it was right to step back. maybe i wouldn't have gotten the job anyway.

but it looks beautiful and i hope i will still have the chance to see it in cinema.

apparently i am in a real posting rage...


gracia said...

I have just seen Women Without Men (screening as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival) and it was a wonderful, wonderful film... so powerful and considered. Amazing visuals, incredible in every regard. It was one of the festival highlights for me. I hope you enjoy the film too, when you get to see it.

anette said...

thanks Gracia, yes i hope i will find a free evening to see it!

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