for O

some autumn colour. nothing new but i liked the big bunch of hagebutten i got, is it really dogrose or rosehip in english?

i am telling myself to take more pictures these days but it's like i don't feel like catching something.

as if i have to finish this project before my eyes and mind will be clear and alert again.

i am patient and i somehow think i need this unproductive periods in between.

i am watching and collecting and waiting.


ola said...

O bedankt sich. warten kann auch produktiv sein. ich habe im letzten monat viermal kürbissuppe gekocht.

anette said...

oh, sehr gerne.

ich wünschte mein leben hätte mehr repetetives.

bis bald

Anonymous said...

rosehip! love it!

lydia lapwing said...

I had the exact same bowl in the early 1970's - I think it came from Morocco.

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