making stripes

Experimenting with stripes. a great set of woven stripes here and some of my favourites here.
the verveine tea i use to drink while weaving made a face.


Anonymous said...

Hello Annette,
your loom and your stripes look pretty good!
did you make the loom for yourself (with the tutorial of the actionweaver)? The size looks very comfortable!
greetings from a regular reader!

anette said...

J. thank you and no, no, Travis made the loom for me as part of a workshop!
I wouldn't have been able to do it myself, i was lucky that he had time and we are both living in Berlin.

For me it was perfect, an easy way of learning the weaving basics and even get a loom!

ola said...

looks really really great, die farben, vorboten des frühlings?

anette said...

danke ola, ich muss mich erst wieder einfinden in's weben, es ist immer wieder spannend wie es dann wirkt hinterher.
das currygelb ist meine lieblingsfarbe momentan, ich trage eine zerlumpte strickjacke in dieser farbe fast täglich.


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