Best of 2011

L was asked to write a personal chart list of 2011 for a film-zine amongst many others. 3 moments of 2011 that lasted.
I enjoyed reading them all as they were very personal and not just film-related.
in fact that's what i like reading on blogs, personal views on everyday matters or artistic and cultural events.

here are some of my memorable moments from 2011:

early in the year, learning to weave taught by T., the whole repetitive process and learning by doing later while practising on my own on the loom he made for me. his patience and my friends helping me weaving, attracted by the intricate process of the craft.

meeting dear R. in person. still being overwhelmed that she dared to book a flight and come straight to our house.

discovering that making costumes for a period film brought back my passion for my profession. the conceptual approach to making costumes after an extended research is what i love doing.


wishing you a wonderful new year !


Edieliv said...

it was kinda brave of me

anette said...

yes you are very brave indeed!

x A

D-K said...

happy new year Anette !

hannna said...

happy New year Anette!
your friendship sounds wonderful.
oh but i wonder what happened to wunderkind... maybe this year?

(i got a very short trip to Berlin from Y in the beginning of Dec, but there was too little time to even consider to try calling you)

anette said...

hanna, thank you and please don't worry because of the not contacting me!
i totally understand....see how bad i am with responding and everything!
i was considering to attend the thurston m. concert but did'nt manage to in the end, it would have been a big surprise to meet you there.
i am going to find out about wunderkind and yes it's wonderful that i met her here adn IRL.
all the best to you and your family

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