no problems to make things look worn in here.

the nature is rough, we do have an unplanned day off due to a huge bushfire nearby.
some of the team got stuck in there yesterday on their way back to the base.
nobody and no horses harmed, but we were very worried until they finally came back at midnight.


C SATHAL said...

What a great adventure! The costumes look very great! We do the same job and I recognize myself in many ways. Good shooting, treats you. And enjoy these 2 months will probably unforgettable. Good work!

anette said...

thank you celine, I often think it's very interesting to see glimpses of your life with the same job (but way more kids!)
that's the weak point here, i miss my daughter and sometimes don't know if it's worth it but there seemed to be no choice as this project is so very special...and she is for sure in good hands!
best wishes to marseille where i did my first job with my daughter, then one year old, fond memories, i loved it there.

C SATHAL said...

Oh, what sort of work did you do in Marseille? I'm curious.
And yes, I understand that your daughter really miss you here. I find that the dificulty in our work is the presence of time sometimes so incompatible with the pace family. I am now trying to focus on creating costumes for the theater in my studio at home for not to go often.
Have a nice day

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