Kostas Murkudis

Kostas Murkudis and Pulver are two of my favourite local fashion designers. I visited their websites today because I was asked by an actress what I think she could wear for a red carpet event and if I could recommend any german Designer and make the contact for her. I thought they were both perfect: Pulver has this understatement drama and K. Murkudis is just so beautifully sophisticated.
If I do costumes I always try to stay away from fashion as much as possible to get not too much influenced, it´s like drinking no alcohol its all about staying sober, fashionwise.
As references or inspiration I just pull out pictures or books that I truly liked for a long period, I want the costumes to be as effortless and normal at most elegant as I think they should be for an intelligent film.
But fashion, thats my other love/hate relationship, it's such an conflictive item for me, I's based on changes in every season, but I think I really just like it if it lasts. If fashion is really timeless, elegant and sexy, thats perfection to me, but I still want to see something surprisingly new and good, once in a while...


Anonymous said...

It's so true so true so true. I could have said this. I wish we could sit together in your kitchen talking for hours about all these important things, that we have to catch up with. Love you, miss you!

Fine Little Day said...

I agree with you. In pictures I like playfulness in fashion, in real life, I wish I had time and energy to be more playful.

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