Neue Nationalgalerie by Mies van der Rohe, decorated with colourful banners, part of the Berlin Biennale, picture taken out of my car today

I wish I would have the time to visit events like the one above, spend more time with family and friends, to be able to show You more inspiring pictures and more of my personal work and ideas. But my days are packed with endless fittings, driving and running around hunting fabrics, trousers, dresses, bras, belts, shoes, things like the perfect worn in and boring T-shirt and just getting everything organized, 10 days before we start shooting. l really hate/love my job! It is always hard to stay really concentrated and enthusiastic, but it is a big challenge too to work with so many people a feature film needs to get prepared and done.
But I am really looking forward to spending more time on realizing some of my own little ideas and sharing them here, as soon as everything calmed down a little bit.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to read more of your every day thoughts - nice. I also remember the feeling of living in a city where there is so much to see and you never have/make the time to see it. I didn't appreciate it when I moved away and now I miss it so much. Good! Hope you will find some time for your own projects soon, Love, d

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