attic & acrobatic

we made the attic of the cardboardhouse today, Lou and her friend M sew the cushions by hand and made the carpets.
+ + +

back home lou was improvising acrobatic exercises with my dear friend N. who was picking up her daughter M. and ended up on the sofa with a "broken" little toe...I hope not, we will find out tomorrow.


hannna said...

your house is so nice, and the trees from the window. looks like a perfect project for rainy(?) days. we have to collect some boxes soon. our friends from berlin just left... sigh

Anonymous said...

I want to move in your card board house! I am so glad to finally see faces on your pictures. Was really moved to see L and noticing he is turning grey and it really suits him and I realized I miss you so much and can't wait to see You. Can't believe the Lou is a grown-up girl now reading and all. Hugs and kisses to you all!
Hoffe dem Herzchen gehts besser!

ola said...

would like to join to draw the carpets and wallpapers; it is so
bright there; last time somebody
told me about a broken little
toe, three times!

Anonymous said...

oh no, hope lou's toe is fine and she back to acrobatic and more furniture making. what a perfect "jugendzimmer" that attic! dicken kuss, d

anette said...

Lki, I passed the compliment, he was laughing but then considering to send you a picture he took recently at a warehouse in Bad Saarow, one of your books in a grabbelkiste, never tell a men that he is getting older. Ich bin eine Petze!!!

Hanna, thanks, yes, the weather changed all the time from rain to sun...the wintergarden is the best place in the summer house and the pinetrees in the garden, the rest ist very basic and 80ies turqoise...hm. It feels like summer is gone here too

Ola, D, toe is a little bit broken and blue but she is already jumping again, the doctor told me to just tape the toes together if the little one doesn't look straight! I like that method, not to much fuss, she liked it too.
It was'nt very bright here either and still is I realized that I am very much into color at the moment, want to hold the summer this way

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