That is the motivating part of doing more than one job at once, the research leading me into completely different worlds.
Germany in the seventies and New Zealand nowadays. I have never felt drawn to that country, but now...
The other part is to know that after I will have managed the next turbulent 7 weeks I will be free again, the autumn and winter for my own project, family and friends.
+ + +
stills from Whale Rider and a picture of Ingeborg Bachmann

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Anonymous said...

whale rider is a beautiful film!
and yes, free for familiy and FRIENDS. Pleeeaaase come and visit us! you will love our little village and as the guy (forgot his name) in the great movie "into the wild" writes in his diary: happiness can only be shared!
Love und nochmals danke, werde das päckchen hoffentlich nächstes wochenende in den händen halten!

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