rainy sunday

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recreation center built by lou
assisting as a model for workingpictures
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and this wonderful film in the cinema, "die dicke Tilla" / "big tilla", shot in 1981 in the former GDR by Werner Bergmann. Autonomous girls whith helpless parents, not able to slip into their childrens world anymore, dealing very direct and intelligent with their conflicts. late 70ies asthetics in socialism and a wonderful flying fish.


hannna said...

the movie sounds nice, and i just met a woman yesterday whose daughter's name was Tilla. i had never heard that name before.

and the shoes... who is the maker of them?

anette said...

Tilla is a rare name in Germany too, funny coincidence.
The dark red shoes are second hand, no brand visible anymore, the brown leathersandals are k. jacques a brand a friend of mine sells, expensive but beautiful and the metallic sandals are Pomme d'Api, all shoes collected for a commercial with children, un-pc work though...

anette said...
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