Los Muertes

directed by Lisandro Alonso, 2004. a young and highly talented argentinian, interview here.
the film is breathtaking, beautiful, straight and raw. jungle, death, jail, a men's journey through a high producing nature back to the jungle where it all began, searching for his unknown daughter. the pictures tell much more.
I want to see everything he did.
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more interesting projects from argentina here and here


Iris said...

I've been reading non stop your wonderful blog and suddenly I read "argentinian" and got all excited! I'm an Argentinian teacher of English looking for beautiful blogs like yours to share with my students, though most of the times!
I got to yours thru "Fine Little Day" and I just added it to my favs!!!
Keep up the great work!!!

iris said...

oops! though most of the times....
i meant to say that most of the times I enjoy so much some of the blogs (like yours!!) that reading them to find something nice to share with my students it's a mere excuse!! hehe!

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